HILLS & WHEELS | Travel confessions – The closed deserts

Travel stories, today forbidden, with Roberto Carbotti

“My first camping trip was in 1970 with my wife Gilda in a Fiat 500; we were just married and went on a trip to Italy to discover the Adriatic coast.

I remember that on the first night of camping we discovered we had chosen an area where the prostitutes were out soliciting. The next morning, after a busy night, we discovered that without realizing it we had pitched our tent on top of a pile of illegal waste.

The following year was 1971 and with the famous VW minibus we took a trip to Tamanrasset, the first of many trips to Africa.”

This was one of the stories Roberto used to discover his way of life. His curriculum is definitely long: Africa, Eastern Europe, Europe, Americas. A passionate motorcyclist, he has never refused to use off-road vehicles and VW minibuses, which have taken him around the world to incredible places and no longer accessible to tourists.

In the March 22nd event at HILLS & WHEELS, Vespa and Moto rentals, organized for and with the Vespa Club Torino, Roberto’s travel experiences will accompany us for the evening and take us on adventures that for many of us will remain out of reach for a long time.

The evening will mark the fifth “Travel Confessions” event: a series of events where the journey will be told directly by the protagonists.

Takes place at our HILLS & WHEELS | stazione Torino – Moncalieri headquarters, in via Cesare Battisti 3 in Moncalieri, near Bengasi square, at 9:00 pm on Tuesday, March 22, 2016. Entrance is free and open as long as seats are available.


HILLS & WHEELS | Torino – Moncalieri
Via Cesare Battisti, 3 | 10024 Moncalieri (TO) | Itali

phone: +39 011 1983 8887
web: hillsandwheels.com


Tuesday, March 22, 2016, at 9:00 pm

How to get here

On two or three wheels

  • Parking inside the courtyard will be guaranteed as long as space is available
  • Hot tea is guaranteed if the evening is cool, a cool beer if the evening is hot

With four wheels

  • Parking will only be available on the street, the area is not busy and is quiet
  • Also for you, hot tea will be guaranteed if the evening is cool

By bicycle

  • Parking inside the courtyard is guaranteed as space allows
  • Hot tea and sweets guaranteed!!!

With car share

  • Our address is in the ENJOY service area, so you can park the car nearby. The availability of vehicles in the area is good
  • Our address is just a few meters from the CAR2GO service area, so you can park the car nearby. The availability of vehicles in the area is not good

By public transport

Pictures of the event