How we work

We are all about transparency and professionalism – we are completely dedicated to our customer’s peace of mind. HILLS & WHEELS only accepts payments by credit cards. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are all welcome. Reservations are managed directly by us and made on online using secure platforms such as PayPal or bank circuits. Our staff is not authorized to request information from your credit card for any reason, except when signing the contract. Here below, find all the information you need to rent one of our vehicles, accessories or gear, or take advantage of our services.

Rental service information

Additional services

In addition to “basic” vehicle rental, HILLS & WHEELS offers a range of additional services, designed and developed to satisfy your most frequent requests. Remember: we don’t like to say no! If you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact us and we will find a solution for you.

Our additional ALL-COVER service is optional and not included in listed rental rates. It’s not insurance, but an additional reduction of the customer’s financial responsibility toward HILLS & WHEELS for potential damage, theft, or total or partial fire to the rented vehicle. This service also provides coverage for vandalism or damage caused by the driver to the vehicle, including damage to the windshield, lights, handlebars (and controls), wheels, seats, bags and/or top cases.

  • This service is mandatory for riders between 18 and 24 years old, resulting in an increased YOUNG-RIDER rate.
  • The required deposit for vehicle pickup will be lowered if you choose the ALL-COVER service.
Our additional YOUNG-RIDER service is not included in the listed rental rates, and is mandatory for riders between 18 and 24 years old. It’s not insurance, but an additional reduction of the customer’s financial responsibility towards HILLS & WHEELS for the higher risk posed by young riders’ relative lack of driving experience. We are always happy to welcome passionate young people and give them the chance to travel with us.

  • Additional service of ALL-COVER rates
  • Mandatory for riders 18-24 years old
Our additional RIDER-COVER service is not included in the listed rental rates and it’s optional. By popular demand from our frequent riders and travelers! This insurance covers the driver of our vehicles in case of medical expenses, permanent disability or death. Any passenger is always covered by our basic insurance even when the RIDER-COVER service is not activated.

  • Insurance coverage for the rider too
  • You can activate it any time before taking the vehicle
Home delivery of the vehicle is a useful service, as is “home drop-off”. Whether on your couch at home, or a guest in an hotel in the city center or at the beach, you simply wait for our arrival, comfortable and relaxed. The ability to pick up your motorcycle or the scooter in one city and drop it off in another (one-way rental), even in another country, ensures a trip without compromises. From the moment of our arrival, all documents will be ready in just a few minutes.

  • Motorcycle delivery and collection in different cities (one way rental)
  • Service also available overseas
HILLS & WHEELS, although young in the motorcycle rental market, has been recognized as highly professional and well organized, managing rental services and handling vehicles during national and international events. Our energy and methods make us effective and valuable partners for events where, in addition to vehicles, operators and assistants with excellent language and professional guest service skills are required.

  • High quality solutions, fully customized
  • Services available throughout Italy and overseas
Tour operators, agencies, hotels, and B&Bs choose HILLS & WHEELS to offer new services and fun tourism alternatives. Tourism sector specialists can let their imaginations run wild thanks to our support and performance. Food service operators and courier companies rely on special scooters for home delivery with our “non-stop” and problem-free services and management. Business professionals who need faster and more economical ways to move around the city drive our scooters and maxi-scooters with our “seasonal” offerings.

  • large group management
  • business fleets

Why choose HILLS & WHEELS?

  • We are still young, we have many years of work still ahead of us! 🙂
  • The most valuable publicity comes straight from our customers. Read their reviews!
  • Satisfied customers make us proud
  • Always transparent and clear!
  • Secure payments, always!

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