Welcome to HILLS & WHEELS

HILLS & WHEELS is the brand dedicated to motorcycles, scooters, Vespa, related technical equipment, classic cars, FIAT 500, vans and trucks.

Our high quality service is guaranteed by several years of experience in industrial rentals, in Italy and throughout Europe, and by our unstoppable need to travel that burns within each one of us.

On this page we describe our services, and our Code of Conduct we hold with our customers and our business partners.

Meet our team

Giangaetano G. Mastrota -Giango-
Giangaetano G. Mastrota -Giango-Rental manager Torino - Moncalieri | rental station - main office
Traveller. By motorcycle or off-road with a tent. He puts everything into supplying our riders with the best equipment and services. He personally tests all vehicles before adding them to our fleet.
Fabio Stocco -Pilotino-
Fabio Stocco -Pilotino-Group manager Torino - Moncalieri | rental station - main office
More than ten years of experience in road safety! Driving safety and technique instructor. He is our reference for motorcycle and car organization. Giango and Pilotino do the scouting for HILLS & WHEELS.
Paolo Cagnasso -Paolino-
Paolo Cagnasso -Paolino-Group support Torino - Moncalieri | rental station - main office
Trusted colleague of Pilotino. Driving safety and technique instructor for several years. He manages Support for all vehicle classes. You can find him bee-lining in every direction to recover lost and late customers.
Costanza Bergerone -Conny-
Costanza Bergerone -Conny-Cuneo | rental corner
Art, cinema, sport, horseback riding, two wheels. The youngest member of HILLS & WHEELS team, Conny has chosen to be part of a new, challenging project that allows the world to discover our country through new perspectives.
Gianluca Ubbiali
Gianluca UbbialiLanghe UNESCO - Monchiero | hotel corner
Two wheels are parts of his DNA: with a connection to motorcycle champion Carlo Ubbiali and as a lover of anything on two wheels, he recently decided to leave the chaos of the city for a life surrounded by the Langhe hills, in Piedmont.
Gaia Dell'Aversano
Gaia Dell'AversanoMonferrato UNESCO - Alfiano Matta | hotel corner
A volleyball and swimming enthusiast, with great passion and expertise in the world of food and wine in her Monferrato home. Everybody loves her warm and determined soul.

Our rental locations

We believe that a full and well-developed range of services is very important for our customers. That’s why we strive to create a network of rental points in tourist destinations and logistically convenient locations. Our effort to create this network led us to define three types of HILLS & WHEELS rental points.

  • Rental station: where you can find scooters / Vespas, motorcycles, gear, accessories, additional services, and a team able to accomodate fully customizable requests. At these locations you can drop-off any HILLS & WHEELS vehicle, coming from any location.
  • Rental corner: where you can find scooters / Vespas, gear, accessories. You will not find motorcycles, accessories or motorcycles gear unless requested and booked. At these locations you can drop-off any HILLS & WHEELS vehicle, coming from any location.
  • Hotel rental corner: a simplified rental corner, you will find scooters / Vespas, accessories and related gear. Located inside select hotels and open to everyone (non-customers too) to collect vehicles. At these locations you can drop off any HILLS & WHEELS vehicle, coming from any location.

Our services

At HILLS & WHEELS we know every moment of your trip is precious. That’s why we are always on the lookout for new ideas to improve ourselves and be able to offer “the evolution of the best”.

Not only vehicle rentals! Delivery and pickup service of motorcycles and scooters too, at the airport, train station or even at your hotel. Handy taxi transfers or top service cars with drivers, with reserved rates for HILLS & WHEELS’ travelers. Online booking and check-in for quicker vehicle collection and delivery operations. “One way” travel solutions, to start your journey in one place and end up in another, allowing yourself a longer, more fulfilling travel experience.

HILLS & WHEELS completes the offer with technical apparel and accessories for rent, technical motorcycle underwear for sale, road maps and other useful items, all tested and selected by our team.

Customers: our Code of Conduct

Transparency, reliability, and professionalism. For us at HILLS & WHEELS, riding is a passion but for you, our work must be above all professional. Full compliance with the law is a key point of our commitment, and we are always available for any help or request to make your trip a simple pleasure.

HILLS & WHEELS vehicles are always perfect, under constant and strict maintenance, and serviced only by authorized workshops.

Helmets, essential for safety, are checked, cleaned and sanitized every trip, no matter if they were used for a day or a month. When we see any mark that could compromise the integrity of the helmet, we immediately remove it from the rental fleet. Safety first!!! Clothing is checked at the end of each trip, and washed and sanitized too. Our goal is your satisfaction as traveller.

Partners: our Code of Conduct

At HILLS & WHEELS we strongly believe in cooperation with reliable partners who can provide high quality products and services.

We clearly indicate partners still under evaluation and training, so our travelers can recognize them and be a little more patient in case of mishaps.

Only those with the highest reviews and evaluations from our customers join the HILLS & WHEELS team.