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Motorcycles, scooters, Vespa, cars and vans, for work or for fun, travel with us along the roads of Italy and Europe with simplicity and comfort

Today you can book online your rental or at one of our HILLS & WHEELS rental stations. Our two-wheels and four-wheels fleet offers a great choice: high-wheels and low-wheels scooters, the 125cc Vespa and the 300cc Vespa, the ever-elegant cafe racer motorcycle, the comfortable touring motorcycle, the functional all-terrain motorbike, The fun FIAT 500 ABARTH, the nice FIAT 500 CABRIO, the compact van fro any transport in the city, the comfortable and spacious XL van for the most demanding loads, the incredible range of vans fitted with automatic gearbox for longer and challenging travel. We also offer hire of vans for any personal or business needs, such as removals or bulky merchandise transport with all the necessary equipment such as carts, anchor belts, mattress and heavy protective covers, ramps for loading motorcycles or scooters, containers for small objects. Book online or by phone the scooter, the Vespa, the car or van that you want and take advantage of our services, or visit one of the HILLS & WHEELS stations present.


The fleet, the apparels, the equipments, the accessories

A complete fleet of vehicles and the best technical solutions for your needs

scooter and Vespa rental

Our scooters and Vespa, personally tested and selected by us, are a guarantee of performance and comfort. Choose the right one for you!

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motorcycle rental

Motorcycles selected from our direct experience of travel and use. We found the best balances for the various uses.

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apparels rental

You have the choice, for each item, for the handy model and for the fashion one as well! KITS available for a quick and money-saving choices!

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car rental

Classic and vintage cars, cabrio and coupes that had, or will, make history. The new FIAT 500 Abarth for exciting jouney.

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van rental

Useful and practical vans to carry your new motorcycle or bring new furniture home. Even with automatic transmission for long journeys.

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transport equipments rental

The availability of specific rental equipment allows you to be immediately ready, without any surprises and in full safety!

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specialist on hire

A van with equipments, ropes and blankets for furnitures transport, or a motorcycle complete with panniers and helmets

HILLS & WHEELS is the new company specialized in the rental of motorcycles, scooter, Vespa, cars and vans. Experience in the service industry, passion for motorbikes and travel are the simple and healthy ingredients of which it is composed. HILLS & WHEELS is able to meet demands covering six Italian regions: Piedmont, Liguria, Valle d’Aosta, Lombardy, Veneto and Tuscany.

Offer the ability to travel, visit, work and discover with simplicity and freedom.
Make our passions our work, so that we can live every aspect, every day.
Ride our motorcycles, choose an alternative urban mobility with our scooters, use our vans for small and large transports. HILLS & WHEELS will dedicate to make everything as it should be. We stay out in front!
In addition to our daily rental service, designed to be as practical and economical as possible, thousands of ideas are part of our knowledge. Ask what you want!

Our customers are our best advertising

We believe that the best introduction is the satisfaction of our customers, we are committed to earning their trust every day

“I discovered HILLS & WHEELS at EICMA 2016. I did found young guys like me. I decided to trust them because the passion and experience they passed down was strong.” -translation-
Josh, San Francisco, CA, USA
“I was stuck in traffic on my rented car, suddenly an Hills & Wheels scooter zip through the traffic. The next time I wasn’t fooled again: scooter, helmet and go!”
Marco, Rome, IT
“They bring me the scooter in front of the train station or at the airport, depending where I come from. I pay by credit card and go! I can access most of the restricted traffic areas and don’t have to pay parking. Saving time, zero stress. Wow!!” -translation-
Anna, Venezia, IT